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Stephanie Verna 

Aja is a great provider. She offers a safe and fun learning environment for the children in her care. My son was in her care for over a year until he moved to Preschool. During that year my son was exposed to a lot of new ideas, activities and opportunities to learn and grow. Aja’s level of communication is excellent and she would send photos and give updates often of my son’s day. We loved Aja’s approach to introducing nature, art and science into each day and all activities. My son has never been a fearful child but his self confidence and love for learning improved and grew while in Aja’s care. Lastly, my son was able to embrace the meaning of friendship while in her care, making friends with other children as well as Aja’s children, who are friendly and kind. My son still asks about Aja and remembers exactly where her house was, and tells me he misses her, which shows what a lasting impression she left with him and on his heart. We would recommend Aja as a provider to any family looking for care for their little one.

Kelli McElwain 

Wonders of Play Preschool has been wonderful for my 3 year old. He quickly improved social and counting skills. Aja sends photos throughout the week so I can see what activities they’ve been up to and get little art pieces sent home often. I’m happy knowing my son is having education based play and nutritious simple meals while I am working. I highly recommend Wonders of Play Preschool.
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